The Difference Between Regular LCD And LED-LCD TV

If you are looking for a new television set, you might want to take a look at what is currently on the market. This television is an LCD with LED back-lighting, rather than the regular fluorescent back-lighting. This eclipse tv streaming service type of television set is extraordinary and is very well designed.

Only 1.2 inches deep, it is very light weight and has the same panels as other television sets. It has a heavy stand that readily rotates as much as 20 degrees from the center. This allows it to fit in very nicely with your living arrangements where seating is in a location other than directly in front of the television set.

This type of unit is also well known for its energy saving qualities. In addition to saving you money on your utility bill, it has a sensor that will adjust the brightness or color of the picture as the surrounding light changes. It has a thin panel and generates a great deal less heat then the regular LCD models.

Other pluses with this television is that it has two internal 15-watt speakers and a fast refresh rate that works wonderfully when watching football games or other sports. There is a wonderful color reproduction of screen images that allows you very realistic views of each scene.

One of the problems people have previously had with television sets is that they did not satisfy the needs of various family members. The outstanding addition to this television is the ability to have wireless connection to various video sites, such as Netflix and YouTube. It also allows World wide web connections without needing a personal computer. People have found this addition to be an excellent feature as it allows the entire family to enjoy their own particular preferences in entertainment.

The main difference between the LED-LCD TV and the plain LCD model is the back-lighting of the LCD panels. The LEDs use white or red, green and blue behind the panel. There are also white LED’s around the inside frame. It is through a special panel that gives the extraordinary and beautiful color that this type of television produces. Designers and engineers have put forth their best efforts in developing units that produce excellent pictures, color and sound that bring forth the very best quality that type of media has to offer. As a result it is possible to enjoy excellent entertainment in the comfort of the home at any time of the day or night.


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