Modern Hunting Lodges Offer a Complete Experience

While the numbers of hunters nationwide has decreased over the past couple of decades, demand for high-end hunting vacations has increased substantially recently. Big-game hunting, waterfowl and upland game bird hunting used to involve the drudgery of packing your own gear, sleeping in a tent – sometimes in bad weather – and dressing and packing out your kill. Now, a hunting adventure often includes luxury accommodations, expert guides, fine dining and first class-service and amenities.

While many still engage in traditional hunting in the United States, for others it has evolved into a gentlemanly pursuit which can be compared to a golfing trip, fishing cruise, or even a trip to Las Vegas. Unlike a trip to Las Vegas however, wives are much more likely to approve a weekend at a pheasant hunting lodge with the boys, and husbands can enjoy camaraderie with friends, great food, activities, scenery and restful accommodations.

There are two types of game bird hunting. The first is waterfowl, including ducks, geese and non-endangered swans. Success often requires an airboat, blinds and retriever dogs. Not everyone has the ability or desire to own and maintain all of this for a couple of outings a year. A hunting vacation package seems a lot less expensive when you consider that the outfitter provides all of this.

The other type of game bird hunting is upland game bird hunting. Suburbs in many parts of the country have encroached on traditional hunting grounds and the best wingshooting is concentrated in a few parts of the country including most famously South Dakota and Georgia, but also in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and parts of the upper Midwest. Hunters don’t enjoy the same opportunities in their own backyards that they once had, and frequently travel to take advantage of the best upland game bird hunting in other parts of the country. Pheasant hunting and other types of upland game bird hunting on carefully managed reserves are a big business in many regions.

Big game hunting, including hunts for deer, elk, moose, bear, wild boar and lion, involves hunting for animals that tend to range over wider areas. In this case, outfitters often supply pack horses and completely stocked campsites that cede little ground to more permanent luxury accommodations.

It is often said that the enjoyment of an activity sometimes has little to do with the activity itself, and more to do with all of the things that surround the activity. The best hunting lodges today provide a full spectrum of activities, great food and accommodations.

Hunting is one of man’s oldest pursuits and is as much about enjoyment of the outdoors, and a connection with nature as it is the actual hunt. Responsible hunters help to manage populations of wildlife while providing funding to keep open spaces preserved and healthy for future generations.


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