Law School Application – Three Tips For Success

As any law student will tell you, applying to law school is a time consuming and stressful ordeal. Adding to the stress is the fact that the number of law school applications continue to increase nationwide. Having successfully applied to (and graduated from) a top ten law school, I have learned a few things about the admissions process. Here are three useful tips that will help you maximize your chances of admission to the school of your choice, while minimizing the stress of the application process:

1. Prepare For The LSAT – This may seem incredibly obvious, but the number of people that fail to adequately prepare for the LSAT would surprise you. The significance of this test cannot be overstated. Academic transcripts and GPA’s are idiosyncratic, as prospective applicants have different majors across different schools. However, the LSAT provides a simple and standardized way to compare all applicants. The LSAT, like all standardized tests, requires preparation. A good LSAT score can offset a marginal GPA, or other flaws in the applicant’s file.

2. Apply As Soon As Possible – Simply put, the longer you wait to apply, the greater the disadvantage. If feasible, you should apply on the first day that the school begins accepting applications. The logic for this is twofold. First, most law school admissions are rolling. That means that the law school receives and reviews applications continuously over a designated period. If two candidates with identical numbers apply at different times in the cycle, the earlier applicant is more likely to gain admission, since class sizes are limited and more spaces are open earlier in the process. Second, applying as soon as possible will demonstrate to the admissions committee your commitment and sincerity.

3. The Essay Counts – For many schools, the pay for essay reddit personal statement will be a one to two page essay on a topic of your choice. Avoid generic statements and clichés, such as “I want to go to law school because I believe in justice.” While that may be true, it is also true for 99% of other applicants. Write about something unique, such as a personal experience, or aspiration, that distinguishes you from other applicants. Also, keep in mind that words are the tools that you will rely upon in your future craft. As in legal writing, it is important that your essay be clear, convincing, and succinct. Have your law school personal statement proofread


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