Four Popular Areas To buy An apartment In Salvador

A major city with an international airport and sea port has many advantages, but with many other factors like natural beauty, tourism and vibrant economic activity, Salvador, the capital of Bahia is very attractive to home seekers and real estate investors.

The city is the host for the upcoming Football World Cup and Olympics and this is likely to push up the demand for real estate 메이저놀이터 even further. Salvador apartments offer great value and choice. The price range is wide and the prices depend upon many factors like location, size and amenities. Here is an overview of Salvador apartments in the prime localities of Pituba, Graca, Barra and Ondina

Situated near the center of the city, Pituba is the preferred choice for middle class to upper middle class people. The population here includes a high percentage of professionals like doctors, engineers and lawyers. Many businessmen and expatriates in Salvador also prefer to live here. The average price of an apartment here is R$432, 000, though you will find apartments from R$175, 000 to R$900, 000.

Within a budget of up to R$400, 000, it is possible to find one, two or three bedroom apartments from 40 to 100 sq. meters in Pituba. Most buildings are located near everyday conveniences like schools, colleges, supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies and hospitals. Other than reserved parking, one or more of facilities such as swimming pool, ballroom, gym, concierge, quadra sports facilities, barbecue and game room can be expected as part of common facilities in this range.

In the price range between R$400, 000 and R$600, 000, it is possible to get three or four bedroom apartments with one or two suites and area ranging from 85 to 240 sq. meters. Most buildings are located next to everyday conveniences and most offer a swimming pool and multiple vehicle parking. In addition to amenities in the lower range, you may also get sauna, a fancy swimming pool, playground and indoor game facilities.

Very spacious apartments in the very best locations in Pituba with sea view are available above R$ 600, 000. These apartments range between 100 to 250 sq. meters in area. They are mostly three or four bedroom units with multiple suites. Some have separate pools for kids and many of the previously mentioned facilities may be available.

Graca is a premium residential locality very near the city center and close to nice beaches. Apartments in Graca can cost anywhere from R$250, 000 to R$1, 300, 000 with an average price of R$585, 000.

Budgets up to R$400, 000 will put apartments of 75 to 135 sq. meters in your range. These are mostly two or three bedroom apartments situated at nice locations with easy access to the city center and close to everyday conveniences like schools and shopping centers. Some apartments come pre-fitted with kitchen and bedroom cabinets and some have a separate bathroom for maids. Amenities could include a playground, concierge, indoor sports facilities, assembly room or a ballroom.

A wide range of apartments from 65 to 570 sq. meters are available in the R$400, 000 to R$600, 000 range. All these are situated in prime locations close to everyday conveniences. Depending on the size of the apartments they can have two, three or even four bedrooms with one or two suites. In addition to previously mentioned facilities, swimming pool, multiple car parking and generator backup may be available in some buildings.

You can get spacious three or four bedroom apartments with two suites in the 100 to 240 sq. meters range for prices between R$600, 000 and R$900, 000. Many amenities from those mentioned previously will be available.

If you want to choose from the best and largest apartments in Graca with magnificent sea view in prime locations, you need a budget of over R$900, 000. These apartments are nicely laid out four bedroom units with two to four suites and many facilities.

Barra is a nice place to live and is also an important tourist destination. Located near the city center, it is well connected to other places by public transport and is one of the best places to stay and explore Salvador. It is a good place to invest for generating rental income. Apartments are available from R$190, 000 to R$2, 800, 000 at an average price of R$1, 150, 850. However, a majority of apartments are in the 750, 000 to 1, 500, 000 range.

The cheapest apartments are single bedroom units with about 40 to 50 sq. meters area. Most of the larger apartments are located close to essential facilities like schools and shopping malls and many are near the beach or have a sea view.

The floor areas of most apartments range from 150 to 250 sq. meters, though at the high end of the range you could get areas of up to 300 sq. meters. Most apartments have four bedrooms with multiple suites. Pool and playground is available only in some buildings, but most of them offer multiple car parking. One or more of facilities like security, gym, sauna, concierge, intercom, quadra sports, game room, ballroom, study area and assembly room are usually offered.

In Salvador, Ondina is the place where a swimmer would want to live. The clear waters at the small beaches here are a delight for swimmers and divers. The place is also known for the zoo and botanical gardens.

Most apartments in Ondina will cost you between R$200, 000 and R$550, 000. Luxury apartments are also available for as much as R$1, 300, 000. On an average, the price will be close to R$400, 000 if we leave out some high priced apartments.

As can be expected, most apartments are close to the beach and have a nice sea view. The typical floor area can vary from 80 to 140 sq. meters, though in case of luxury apartments this can go up to 370 sq. meters. Typical apartments have two to four bedrooms. Sometimes it is possible to find an apartment that is furnished or with air-conditioning installed. Most apartments come with multiple vehicle parking and common amenities like pool, reception, intercom, sauna, restaurant, maid service, service area and security.

Salvador apartments are worth buying if you are residing, working or doing business in the city. They are also good investments for either renting or for long-term capital appreciation. They are close to all conveniences for comfortable living, well connected by public transport and offer high quality construction and useful amenities.

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