Essential Attributes of Molex and JST Wire-To-Board Connectors

Billions of electrical devices are manufactured today. Each device is composed of circuits; these circuits are made by connecting different electronic components together. The right connection of every component is very important for any devise to function properly. Wire-to-board connectors are a special type of connectors used to connect a wire with the circuit board. Through mechanical assembly, they join circuits and wires seamlessly.

Importance of quality connectors

The applications of wire-to-board connectors range from industrial manufacturing to domestic repair and maintenance. Owing to such wide range of application and the ever-increasing demand, countless manufacturing companies have emerged across the world. Despite a competitive market, a majority of these manufacturers tend to ignore the importance of quality measures that should be taken to ensure quality production. This makes it very important for the vendors and customers to have proper knowledge about the connectors so that they cannot only recognize the right connector for their device, but can also judge the quality and reliability of the product.

Attributes of quality connectors

Following are some important attributes that one should look at while choosing wire-to-board connectors.

· Pin-to-pin distance

· Construction Style

· Environmental Resistance Ability

· Dimensions

· Type of insulation used

· Simple connection and disconnection

· Longevity

· Durability

· Reliability

How to find the best manufacturers

The best connector manufacturers in the business produce products that make it easy for users to connect wires to the board; they are built to help avoid the wrong connections. Moreover, they are designed such that they cannot be connected unless they are lined up perfectly with the pins. When they are connected, they secure the wires properly so that there is no chance left for the connection to break.

The most important factor, which should influence the selection of wire-to-board connectors, is the ease that they offer. They should offer simple assembly procedure. The connectors should also be affordable as high cost does not guarantee quality. It is interesting to note here that some manufacturers deliberately design connectors that are unique in their design and specifications. This gives manufacturers some control over the application of connectors. This is why, where connectors are concerned, one size never fits all. You have to look for a connector that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements.

Molex and JST electrical connector

Molex and JST are thought to be among the best connector manufacturers in the industry today. The connectors they manufactured in the early days set the standard in the industry. The normal pitch size of Molex connectors is between 1.25mm and 5.08mm. The current value of these connectors ranges from 1A to 5A AC, DC. The voltage rating is 150V AC, DC and the wire gauge rating is between 28-32 AWG and 16-24 AWG. It is very important to look for the specific combination of these ratings in order to get the connector that you require.

JST or Japan Solderless Terminal Manufacturing Corporation has developed a strong reputation as the quality manufacturer of consumer electronics. Its connectors are used in a range of everyday electronic appliances. The pitch size of JST connectors is between 0.8mm to 3.96mm. The current rating is between 0.5A to 7A AC, DC, voltage rating is 100V and the wire size is between 32-36 and 18-22 AWG.

Both Molex and JST offer a large collection of connectors to clients. These connectors are reliable and cost-effective as well. The quality wire-to-board connectors have innumerable applications in the production of electronic and electrical devices.




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