Basics of Obtaining a Real Estate License

The United States of America is a country filled with unlimited opportunities in the real estate industry. Are you willing to start your career in this lucrative arena? If yes, then keep on reading the article to know the basics of getting a real estate agent (salesperson) license.

To work in real estate as a salesperson or broker, an individual needs a valid real estate salesperson or broker’s license.

Getting a Real Estate Agent (Salesperson) License

To obtain a real estate agent (salesperson) license, an individual has to meet certain requirements. Every state in the US has its own rules and regulations regarding the issuance of a real estate license, but here are some general requirements:

o Applicant must be over 18 years of age
o Applicant must be a legal resident of the country
o Applicant must successfully complete a pre-license course
o Applicant must successfully pass a real estate examination
o Applicant must complete and submit an application form
o Applicant must pay applicable license fees

It is highly recommended that every prospective agent read and understand all requirements, state specific and otherwise, before applying.

If an applicant’s license has been revoked within two years, or denied within one year from the date of filling the application, he/she is not eligible to obtain a license.

Testing Requirements

Testing requirements for every state may vary,  apartment for sale in turkey thus, it is vital to check the latest test requirements of the state where the applicant is applying for the license. Generally, most states use a multiple choice format. Tests will usually contain state specific-questions.

Passing the Real Estate Examination

Once an applicant clears the examination, he/she will have to fill out the application form and pay the required fees (it varies from state to state). After getting the license, the licensee must be sponsored by a broker.

Continuing Education


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